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You’re here’ve started to be more mindful about how you care for your family by adding a little more green to your life and giving them better, non-toxic food and products.

You realize that the ‘conventional’ world we live in is full of things you want to be free of. 

More whole food, less processed crap.

More essential oils, (and food as medicine), less chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

More sustainable and healthy living, less experiences and clutter that you don’t really need.

Here’s the thing about you, my lovely green friend:

You don’t take careful measures for your family for the sake of it. You go the extra mile for those you love because you want them to have the best experiences possible.
Whether you’re chasing your littles at the park, claiming an impromptu girls’ night or hiding under the covers to binge watch documentaries, one thing’s for sure: you always want to experience life in the here and now! Your most treasured valuable is time, and you don’t want to waste a moment!

you’re someone who’s going green one food label, one non-toxic product, or one ingredient at a time,
you’re someone who grabbed every conventional item you once owned and threw them all away at once.
At this point you realize that there’s an even better way to live and provide for your family (you’ve Googled them all)
As you’ve started to replace the items in your pantry and closet with ones that are healthier, you’ve also started to get curious about how to make a living by being (a little more) green, right? 
Young Living Diamond Leader.
Think of me as your green sidekick to living (a little more) green and earning (a little more) green. Because you have no clue how to move from light green to dark. I do. Because you don’t have time to map your green journey. I do. And because you don’t have to ride solo any longer. Here I am.
I’ll be your tall drink of green smoothie so you can (finally) come clean and add some green, whether that’s in your home or in your pocket. 
1. Take one green step at a time--without the fuss
2. Recognize living green and earning green can go hand in happy hand (I’ll tell you more about that  later)
3. Forget about harsh chemical cleaners--imagine having everything you need to make your home sparkle always on hand
4. Create inspired green action
5. See the reality of green living--the unscripted version
And most importantly, you’ll finally know how it feels to enter your home infused with green smells and see your little green minions, and realize that this dream you’re living, it’s yours and not someone else’s. And it all started with this delightful blend between a company and a lifestyle--patent not pending.

You want to live (a little more) green and I’m excited to share this opportunity with you because with me, it’s NEVER all or nothing!

A one size fits green sorta package
A ‘choose your own green ending’ kinda story

A way to trash the coulda, shoulda, woulda

You ready for a whole lotta GREEN?

Two paths, one product… (I’m sharing how to live more green, now, but just ask if you want to learn how to EARN a little more green!)
Young Living Premium Starter Kit
Essential Oils to Help Support a Healthy Lifestyle
The Young Living Premium Starter Kit includes essential oils that can: 
    •  Uplift your soul and offer an instant pick-me-up
    •  Help reduce symptoms of colds and coughs
    •  Support mature skin 
    •  Help relieve digestive discomfort 
    •  Purify and neutralize odors in the home 
    •  Support pre/post workout recovery
    •  Enhance relaxation
    Here are 4 of my favorite green ways to use my oils...
    •  Inhale Lemon to uplift your soul and offer an instant pick-me-up
    •  Grab PanAway and Epsom salts for a relaxing after workout soak in the tub
    •  Rub RC on your chest pre/post workout
    •  Use a few drops of lemon, lavender, and peppermint oils as a chest rub to reduce symptoms of colds and coughs
    •  Got tummy problems? Rub some peppermint oil on it to calm and sooth your belly
    Curious What Your Kit Includes? You Get 11 Essential Oils:
    Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, PanAway, Thieves, Purification, DiGize, Copabiba, R.C. and Black Spruce (Canada)/Stress Away (USA), so you can superhero by day and sleep by night
    •  A home diffuser so you can diffuse in style--yes, it’s a thing
    •  Aroma Glide roller fitment so you to turn any oil into a roll-on
    •  Sample bottles and sample oils so you can plant little green seeds
    •  Thieves hand purifier - keep your hands clean when you’re on the go! (Canada) or extra sample oils (USA).
    With all of that oily goodness plus a diffuser, roller fitment, Thieves Purifier and sample bottles, you’re investment is only $160USD or $199.75CDN but really, can you put a price on green? 
    (Especially when it smells this good)
    click here to:
    because hey, Google isn’t making you any greener!
    And if you’re still wondering if the grass really is greener on the other side, shoot me an email at 
    "Stephanie is a force of nature; a ball of everlasting love on fire. What I love most about her leadership is her authenticity and reliability. She is the real deal and you can count on her doing what she says she will do. SHE inspires me."
    Richard Bliss Brooke

    Author Mach II, The Art of Vision and Self Motivation and The Four Year Career
    "I’ve honestly loved working with Stephanie. Her passion for helping others succeed and live healthier lives shines through in everything she does. She actually cares, and you can hear it in her voice and see it in her life. Stephanie has been a leader who helps me stretch my vision and set bigger goals, while remaining grounded."
    Elizabeth Walling

    Blogger at Living the Nourished Life, author of Nourished Metabolism
    "I’m so proud to be on Stephanie's Young Living team. She’s passionate about helping others and goes out of her way to serve the members of her team. She’s a consistent leader who enthusiastically and kindly encourages me to be a better person, leader and friend."
    Tamara Manelly

    Blogger at Oh Lardy, co-author of Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits and Vegetables
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